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17th Annual Carmel Heritage Society Inns of Distinction – 2015 – Part 2 – Happy Landing Inn

Happy Landing Inn
North Side Monte Verde between Fifth and Sixth
Amenities:  Complimentary Breakfast In Your Room,
100% Dog Friendly, 7 Unique Rooms 

Happy Landing Inn was originally constructed by master builder M. J. Murphy in 1926 as a private home for two San Jose families, the Leeb’s and the Blauer’s.  The building permit estimated the cost to build this home in 1926 at $11,000. 

The June 5, 1926 edition of the Peninsula Daily Herald described the home this way: “… unique in design, and is built in three separate parts.  In front facing the west, is a large living room, with dining room and kitchen on the north.  The living room is large with beamed ceilings and a fine rock fireplace.  

Under this part is the servants quarters and the garages.  
To the rear is a large patio with two houses on either side.

  One for the Blauers 

and the one on the south for the Leets. There are four bedrooms in each cottage with standard bathrooms and showers and built in dressers.” 

During the 1930’s the compound was sold to Velma Craig who used the property as her personal residence and at times as a boarding house.  In 1975 the property was sold the the Thorngate family who began running the property as the Happy Landing.

In 2014, Mark and Shari Lasher purchased the inn and remodeled the entire property giving it a sleek new look.  The main building is now the lobby of Happy Landing Inn, and the two cottages in the back serve as the guest rooms for the bed and breakfast. 

On the day of the tour I walk up the stone steps, past the striking Japanese maple in full color into the festively decorated lobby. 

Crispy Spring Rolls and Prawns Tempura made by The Grill on Ocean Avenue call to me. 

Check out The Grill on Ocean Avenue for lunch or dinner on Ocean Avenue between Dolores and Lincoln.  But I digress.  I take a few moments to sit by the fireplace while enjoying my Spring Roll before being drawn to the courtyard by the sultry voice of Debbie Davis, who has the tour guests under her spell.

“Well hello Mr. Manzoni.  Yes I don’t mind if I do.” 

Mark Manzoni of Manzoni Vineyards cheerfully pours me a taste of his award-winning 2013 Pinot Gris.  He also had on hand a 2013 Pinot Noir.

When time permits you should pay a visit to Manzoni Wine Bar in Carmel in the Paseo Courtyard w/s of San Carlos between Ocean and Seventh.  Ms. Vina runs the place.  Here she is sitting in front of her antique bar. 

Anyway, it is time to tour six of the seven unique guest rooms at Happy Landing Inn.  Each one is designed to honor a different American icon.  So come along with me on this sentimental journey.  

Next up in Part 3, the Pine Inn and Lobos Lodge. For a map of this years tour and the location of all restaurants and wine rooms which provided food and wine for our tour please visit this google map
All pictures are by L. A. Momboisse unless listed below: 

Early brochure for the Happy Landing from Harrison Memorial Library History Department.    


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