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First Pilgrimage of Saint Junipero Serra – Walk from San Carlos Cathedral to Mission Carmel Basilica – Part 2

September 26, 2015
First Pilgrimage for
Saint Junipero Serra
Part 2

Carpenter Street to Flanders Mansion –  1.7 miles

The rest of our pilgrimage is downhill.  Our grand group crossed Carpenter at Highway 1  

 and moved off Carpenter onto Lower Trail.  

In the residential area of Lower Trail, houses tend to be large with many offering peeks of the Ocean. 

At the end of Lower Trail we make a left on to Valley Way and walk behind the Vendange Carmel Hotel to Lobos Street.

Many of the quaint homes along Lobos Street and Monterey Street in the northeastern section of Carmel were built in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. During the Depression this area was known as Tortilla Flats.  It was predominately Native American families who spoke Spanish.  They had flat roof houses and served tortillas to guests.  Thus the name Tortilla Flats. 

Left on Third, 

then right on to Hatton Road. 

where houses are historically very large.  Like the one shown below which is on the east side of Hatton one block before Ocean Avenue built in the early 1920’s by a Russian immigrant.

At Ocean Avenue our pilgrimage makes our 3rd crosswalk crossing. Having this down to a science now we obey our crossing guards and walk 5 or 6 abreast across Ocean. 

Almost 5 miles into our pilgrimage we are still almost 150 strong, old, young, strollers and one dog – Always forward, never back! Saint Junipero, pray for us. 

At 25800 Hatton we turn on to the driveway of Flanders Mansion.  

Down the driveway past the Lester Rowntree Native Plant garden to the Flanders Mansion.

Pass the carriage door entrance to the front door behind the mansion.  

Then through the juniper hedge to the most beautiful view in Carmel.  At least according to me.

One of my favorite hikes is to sit in Flanders backyard and look at the Carmel Mission. Surely Saint Junipero came over this hill and looked down at the Mission.    

In the field behind Flanders Father Peter leads us in our last reflection on Saint Junipero Serra. 

Father Peter: “After Saint Junipero’s first complete tour of the fledgling California mission chain in 1772, he saw that provisions were irregular, Indian affairs were poorly managed, and many other changes needed to be made.  He decided to travel to Mexico City to personally appeal to the Viceroy.  This arduous two year journey twice brought him to the gates of death.  While in Mexico he was described as a “lion, giving in only to fever, for none of the ailments that constantly afflicted him, especially shortness of breath, chest pains, and sores on his legs and feet, have ever kept him from his apostolic duties.”  Saint Junipero presented his petitions to Viceroy Bucareli in a now famous 32 point Representation. This was California’s first “Bill of Rights,” which succinctly outlined the province’s needs and offered concrete solutions to its problems.  All his requests were granted…Saint Junipero Serra, you may have lived with spiritual eyes raised to Heaven, but you knew that your primary goal of glorifying God through the conversion of souls could not be obtained without temporal feet planted firmly on earth. You risked your life to travel to Mexico and then witnessed great success in the flowering of California. Help me to effect change where possible, accept limits when necessary, and never forget that God is the source of and reason for, everything I do.  Saint Junipero, pray for us. Siempre adelante, nunca de adtras.” 

Flanders Mansion to Carmel Mission Basilica – .9 mile

It is already 11 AM and we are late for our arrival at Carmel Mission.  But Father Peter assures us Father Paul will wait for us to arrive before starting Mass celebrating the First Saint Junipero Serra Pilgrimage.

Our group crosses the field behind Flanders Mansion and picks up the Mesa Trail which is part of Mission Fields Park.  

We follow the Cross which has been carried by different people during our pilgrimage,   

and switchback down to meet Serra Trail.  

John, who thought he would not make the entire journey, is still with us.  As well as most who began this journey a few hours ago.  

At the end of Mesa Trail we turn left on Serra Trail.  This will take us out of the park at Rio Road. 

If one were to turn right on Serra Trail at the end of Mesa Trail and walk approximately 130 steps this would take one to a large Oak tree with two trunks. 

According to Carmel fokelore this tree was one of the places where Saint Junipero Serra and his group would stop to pray the Stations of the Cross. 

If they were on their way to Monterey it would have been the Second Station (Christ Carries His Cross), if the were on their way to Carmel, it would have been the Thirteenth Station (The Lamentation of Christ).

Professor Ruben Mendoza, who was also on our pilgrimage, said that crosses have been found carved into trees near the missions.  These trees might have been used for prayer. Though it can not be confirmed that this tree was one of those trees used by the padres, I observe some interesting scars on this tree that gives me reason to think the stories might be true.  

Back to our pilgrimage we quickly come to the exit of Mission Fields Park at Rio Road.  Father Peter reminds us to turn left and go to the cross walk.  

Almost our entire group finishes our pilgrimage.  We walk up Rio toward the Carmel Mission parking lot,  singing and praising God for His kindness in bringing us all through this incredible experience safely.  No one was hurt, no one was left behind.  And, yes John made the entire 6 miles! So did the parents pushing strollers and the little dog too. Here we are entering the Mission Courtyard almost 4 hours after we started our journey. 

 Just a quick time out for water and freshening up 

– we have Holy Eucharist to Celebrate! 

For those who would like to see the route Father Peter and our Deacons forged here is a Google Map

For devotional items related to the Catholic Church please visit Lynn’s Timeless Treasures.  

Part 1

Pictures by L. A. Momboisse – 


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