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Carmel Concours D’Elegance – Classic Car Week On A Budget 2013 – Part III

Classic Car Week On A Budget 2013 – Part III 
Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance 

On Friday of Classic Car week my husband and I decided to drive over to Pebble Beach and check out the area where the Concours would be held on Sunday.  For the entrance fee of $9.75 we were treated to quite the afternoon. Parking off Forest Lake Road and Portola Road was free, from this location it was an easy walk through all the exhibits.

RetroAuto et al
(Numbers correspond to the Zeemap below)

From the parking area follow the signs

to the (2)Pebble BeachRetroAuto (free).It is a huge tent that contains “the very finest auto accouterments,” things way out of our price range but interesting to look at.  Our favorite the “vintage” gas pumps and soda pop ice boxes.  

Oh wait, I must have one of these for bird watching.
The tent next door houses (3)MidAmerica Motorcycles (free) where you will find over 60 motorcycles up for auction, most of them antiques.  I received a fascinating education on the evolution of the motorcycle.

Apparently the first motorcycles looked a lot more like my electric bike.  Indian began manufacturing the above model in 1901.

In 1932 the Speed-O-Byke  was made famous by Spanky in the Little Rascals.  The one shown above is apparently the only one still in existence.  You can own this part of history for $8,500.

Or how about this 1921 Excelsior with
 the really cushy seat for $52,000.

 My favorite, the pea soup green
 1927 Harley Davidson
with bike seat
that just screams
 “I ‘m a mean machine.”

Next door is (4)Gooding & Company  the official auction house of the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance. Admittance to this event is $40 per person. But I just had to ask if it was possible to get in for less.

Well it must have been our lucky day because we were handed two blue bracelets and told to have the time of our lives.  Which we did.

There were some really serious people in this tent 

examining the classics 

 from one end to the other. 

We had a few favorites. 
 Mike went for the newer models,

I was rather fond of this one. 
Actually I just liked his name, Jolly.

Then there was this one.
I liked him because he was little.
But my overall favorite
(starting price of $450,000) wasn’t sold.
The 1911 Hispano-Suiza Alfonso
looked like the perfect family car. 

 all he needs is a little TLC. 

Maybe next year he will sell. 

Leaving the action to the experts we walked across the (5) Peter Hay Golf Course where there were a number of manufacturers displays. At the entrance to the course is Richard McDonald’s “Momentum sculpted in 2000 to commemorate the 100th U.S. Open Golf Championship at Pebble Beach.

After the last manufacturers exhibit is the 
(6) entrance gate to the Pebble Beach Lodge.  

Pass another sculpture by Richard McDonald, this one a bust of the founder of Pebble Beach, Samuel Morse.

As a side note, Richard McDonald has been commissioned to do quite a few pieces of art around the peninsula. More of his work can be viewed at Dawson Cole Studio in Carmel on the corner of Lincoln and Sixth.

The grounds of the Pebble Beach Lodge are lovely.

Enter the front door 

and walk to the window overlooking the 18th hole.  Here the (8) stage for the Concours is being made ready for Sunday. Way way way in the distance on the horizon are two large yachts.

The fog bank is ready to roll in. There might just be time for a warm drink on the veranda before returning to our car.


The Barnyard Ferrari Event 

After Mass Saturday evening, we went to our favorite Beagle friendly restaurant, Robata Sushi Grill in the Barnyard. Just when we thought the week was over.  What do we find? Ferrari’s everywhere. Apparently red is the color of choice.  I have seen many red cars this week.  But I still need to check a few primary and secondary colors off my list.

A Yellow Car, check
and An Orange Car, check.  

Now Classic Car Week is
 officially over.
Until next year.:)

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Classic Car Week On A Budget Part II 
Art by Patricia Sedlak available at Tea Rose Collection Carmel-by-the-Sea
Photos – L. A. Momboisse – http://www.carmelbytheseaca.blogspot.com


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