Belle House, Carmel Heritage Society,, Michael J. Murphy, The First Murphy House

Carmel Heritage Society House and Garden Tour 2015 – Part 1 – First Murphy House & Belle House

First Murphy House 
Lincoln and 6th Avenue

Eight houses were on this years House and Garden Tour. Our first house is home to the Carmel Heritage Society, The First Murphy House was built in 1902 by 17 year old Michael J. Murphy.

In 1900 Emma Murphy brought her 15 year old son and 10 year old daughter to Carmel-by-the-Sea.  Emma had read about this new village and believed her son Michael, a trained carpenter, would easily find work.  By 1902 he was working for Frank Devendorf building homes in Carmel and became the chief builder for the Carmel Development Company in 1904. 

Over 300 buildings are attributed to Michael J. Murphy, The First Murphy House being his first.  Built for his mother and sister, The First House was moved through the streets of Carmel-by-the-Sea two times and finally settled in its current location on Lincoln where in 1992 the house was completely restored by Congleton Architect AIA.  

Belle House 
4 NE of Ocean on Camino Real 

The Belle House sits back on a lot sheltered by the

rambling limbs of 23 oak trees that are almost 100 years old. 

Belle House was built by Michael J. Murphy in 1922 for J. Kleugel, an early building tradesman in Carmel. 

This Monterey Colonial style home with cantilevered balcony over the front entrance had remained little altered until the current owners lovingly restored the home – carefully adhering to its historical roots. 

The garage lean-to (which can be seen on the left side of the picture above taken in 2001) was added in 1930.  Today this is a galley-style kitchen

and breakfast room.  The ceiling beams are reclaimed wood from the lean-to garage and the 150 year old flooring and accent tiles in the breakfast room were reclaimed from other demolitions. 

The original garage doors were also re-purposed and now slide like a barn door 


separating the living/dining area from the kitchen.   

A cozy conversational area with fireplace 

and guest bedroom complete the first floor. 

From the outside, the foot print of the old lean-to garage has received a restoration/addition 

adding living space to the second floor – now a beautiful wall to wall master suite.  The bathroom features the original claw-foot tub 

while antique furniture and statuary

 whisper peace and comfort in the master suite. 

Just outside the gate to Belle House it is time to head north on Ocean Avenue and south on Dolores to Stonehaven.  

Next up, part 2 – Stonehaven, Pope House, and Banyon Hideaway

Highlights of the eight homes of the 2015 House and Garden Tour can be viewed in the following video. 

Google map of location of houses may be viewed here.  

Black and white photo courtesy of Carmel City Hall Building Department files. 

All the color photos by L. A. Momboisse.


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