Carmel, Carmel Poodle Day, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Poodle Day

Carmel Poodle Day

5th Annual Poodle Day

September 27, 2014 

Poodle Day is a day that unites Poodle’s and their poodle people with others of like mind.

They come from all over California and beyond to celebrate a day all about them in one of Dog Fancy Magazine’s top ten most dog-friendly cities in America.

The day began precisely at 9:30 am at the Carmel Crossroads Shopping Center with a peaceful Poodle parade consisting of 700 Poodle participants and their people. 

The Poodle’s paraded and proudly preened in their most popular varieties, colors and styles. 

First out of the gate were the tiny Teacup Poodle’s, and then the ever so slightly bigger Toy.  

 Many wore their favorite outfits and 

these proudly paraded as pumpkins. 

Sometimes their people companions also got into the act. Such as Ms. Little Bo Peep and her pretty Toy Poodle made up as a sheep. 

Next were the Miniature Poodles.
Not sure if that color is natural.

But these pretty pink Poodles sure were personable!

The Standard Poodle category featured more pink and some popular Poodle cuts such as the Continental Clip with a plethora of puffy pompons.  How long does it take her to get ready in the morning? 

 These precious poodles are showing off their perfect Bikini Clip with pretty pastels.

Bikini Clip Patriotic Poodle

Cowboy Cut Poodle

Why am I wearing my mom’s shoes – aka Patient Poodle.

 There were 700 pretty Poodle participants and I had to narrow this down so these are the final popular picks.  

Peace Poodle from Brentwood Police Department, 

and not just another My Little Pony Poodle –

Which we will see more of during Poodle play at the beach later this afternoon. 

With the parade over it is time for the Poodles to attend some profoundly practical classes.  The one entitled “How to Extend Your Cut,” was packed. 

After a short break and a few treats the Poodles met at 13th and Scenic 

for a playful romp on Carmel Beach. 

Precisely at 1:45pm – because we all know Poodles are prompt – all assembled for a perfectly priceless photo with their precious families.  

With back to the waves, they proudly posed for portraits. 

By 3pm, ready to retire to their rooms, the Poodles scattered throughout the lovely village of Carmel-by-the-Sea, lounging in spas, putting their paws up and having PETicures. 

At 4pm the Poodles, dressed in their best duds, were off to their well deserved Yappy Hour.  This year with six options it was hard to choose.  But with the available seating at a premium, and all events sold out our attendees were yapping with pleasure at whichever venue they were able to attend.   

Anton & Michel, with prominent seating surrounding a pleasant pool and fountain –  so refreshing.  

Grasings opened their upper veranda for precious Poodle pleasure. 

At Vino Napoli, who could resist a place on the table by the fireplace. 

At Jack London’s we met 

our first Sheepdoodle. 

Those who were able to attend the Bistro Beaujolais were pleased as punch to drink from the Fountain of Woof. 

And for those who were able to obtain the most popular ticket, The Cypress Inn

they had a perfect time with plenty of room to lounge on the patio by the fire or in the Doris Day Room.  

Make your reservations early for next year’s Annual Poodle Day.  A pleasurably perfect day where all Poodles are proud to present their perfectness and properly enjoy some well deserved praise and pampering.  

Photos – L. A. Momboisse – 


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