, Rivermouth, Winton Garden

Carmel Bach Festival – Cottages, Gardens & Cantatas 2014 – Rivermouth and Winton Garden

The Carmel Bach Festival Cottages, Gardens & Cantatas continues with our last two gardens.  Both exquisite, yet both completely different. As captivated as I was by the unusual variety of flowering succulents at Rivermouth, I was equally mesmerized with the abundant variety of flowering trees and plants behind the arbor at Winton Garden. At the end of this post enjoy a video montage of beauty from these two properties.


Located at 26454 Carmelo, this property views the Carmel Wetlands and Mission Ranch from the front

and Carmel River Beach,
Carmel Meadows, 

all the way to Point Lobos and beyond from the back. 

At Rivermouth I enjoy the music of the ocean as I stroll the expansive gardens which begin at the long driveway featuring Monterey cypress.

Under the trees are drought resistant shrubs, and a variety aeonium 

 some forming showy
 elongated blooms.

With commanding views
from every direction, 

the owners have incorporated a number of intimate seating areas into their outdoor space.

My favorite features a
 cozy fireplace, potbelly stove

and whimsical sculpture of Don Quixote. 

Winton Garden 

26221 Carmelo 

A few blocks north of Rivermouth is Winton Garden framed in the front by a formal boxwood hedge.

Yet once I enter the arbor covered with fragrant Royal Sunset rose 

the garden becomes less formal, 

every square inch filled with a multitude of fantastic flowering foliage,  
including between the
meandering stepping stones.
And this is just the front yard.

Ten years ago the garden was laid out by Tim Hill of Hill and Dale Landscape Design and now lovingly cared for by the owners.

Under the stone arch is another magical floral fantasyland 

filled with begonia, fern, 
abutilon, helleborn,

 cestrum, rose and clematis
 to name a couple.

Enjoy the following video of Rivermouth and Winton Garden and make sure to review the extensive offerings at the 77th Carmel Bach Festival Bach and the Italians. 

Part 1 Mission Orchard House and Le Papillon
Part 2 The House with the Red Gate and Cimarron


All photos and video by L. A. Momboisse 


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