Fairy Tale Houses, Hugh Comstock

Hugh W. Comstock Builder of Carmel’s Fairy Tale Houses

Posts on Fairy Tale Houses of
Hugh W. Comstock 

Carmel House and Garden Tour 2012 Inside Hugh Comstock’s Hansel and Curtain Call 

Carmel House and Garden Tour 2013 Inside Hugh Comstock Residence and A Storybook Cottage

Hugh Comstock’s Signature, Inside Comstock’s Residence

Hugh Comstock’s Signature, Inside Fables

Carmel-by-the-Sea Comstock Historical Hill District Walking Tour and Map of 11 Fairy Tale Houses

History of Hugh Comstock and the Historical Hill District and Map

Google Map of Hugh Comstock Houses 

Hugh Comstock’s Hansel and Gretel 

Hugh Comstock’s Residence (formerly known as Obers) and The Woods

Hugh Comstock’s Studio, Our House and Storybook Cottage

Hugh Comstock Builds Five Cottages for O. W. Swain -Honeymoon, Birthday House, Fables, A Dolls House and Ocean House


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