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Carmel Heritage Society Event Posts

It’s ours to protect.” 
Carmel Home and Garden Tour 2012 

Part I Hansel and Curtain Call (Hugh Comstock)
Part II First Murphy House and Bowhay House (Michael Murphy)
Part III Cornerstone (Frederick Bigland)
Cabin on the Rocks ( Frank Lloyd Wright)
Carmel Home and Garden Tour 2013 

Part I First Murphy House ( Michael Murphy)
A Hugh Comstock Residence (Hugh Comstock)
A Storybook Cottage (Huch Comstock)
Part II Forest Cottage (Frederick Bigland)
All the Way (American Foursquare)
Holly Oak Cottage ( Michael Murphy)
Part III  Hob Nob and Carmel Cottage Inn

Carmel Inns of Distinction 2012 

Part I Carmel Cottage Inn
Part II La Playa Carmel, Tally Ho Inn
& Candle Light Inn
Part III Lamp Lighter Inn & Cypress Inn
Part IV  Happy Landing Inn & Hofsas House
Carmel Inns of Distinction 2013 
Part I Vendange Carmel,
Carmel Garden Inn & Tradewinds Carmel
Part II Carriage House & Coachman’s Inn
Part III  Cypress Inn, L’ Auberge Carmel &
La Playa Carmel


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