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Carmel Concours D’Elegance – Classic Car Week On A Budget 2013 – Part I

Classic Car Week On A Budget 

It is that time of year again; Classic Car Week has descended upon us.  For about 10 days in August there are numerous events related to cars. Car races, car auctions, car parities, car exhibitions, car tours, cars being blessed, cars with wine, cars in film, little cars, big cars, and even lemon cars.  There is something for everyone, even those, like myself, who know very little about cars, can not tell one car from another, and hardly ever drive a car anymore.  Obviously I am not a car person but I do enjoy this event.  I love viewing old vintage cars, shined to perfection against the incredible backdrop of Monterey Peninsula. 
I have made it a personal challenge to see as much as possible without going over my $100 budget.  Last year I spent $89.25 for three events. Big ticket item, taking our family of four to the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Pre-Reunion $20 each. This year I am pleased to say I have come in even more under budget, at $59.75.  Big ticket item two tickets to the Carmel Mission Concours Blessing of the Cars. For a list of most of the events check out Carmel Magazine.  
Concours on the Avenue 
Carmel-by the Sea (Free)
Concours on the Avenue, sponsored in part by the Carmel Foundation, takes place Tuesday of Car Week in Carmel.  I enjoy walking down Ocean Avenue around 6AM on the day of the event because, well, you are actually able to stroll down the middle of the street.  Ocean Avenue is blocked off from Junipero to Monte Verde and Sixth Avenue to Seventh Avenue.  
It is also one of the few times it is possible to get pictures of storefronts without cars parked in front of them.
Nothing I can do about the chairs though. 
Carmel-by-the-Sea Ghost Town. 
It is so early the 
Carmel Drug Store isn’t even open.  

Anyway the weather is being very cooperative for Classic Car Week. This is our second day in a row of sunshine.  Quite unusual for August. 
By 7:30 there is a bit more activity.
The guy with the jacket looks official.
8:30 and the cars have started 
to line up on the side streets. 
 Last year I tried to identify them by year, make and model.  I found it very tiring and quite confusing. This year I plan on enjoying the cars for their pretty shinny colors.   Here we have a red car, a white car and a blue car.
The motors are racing….  
and we are off.

Carmel Mission Concours
Blessing of the Cars
($25 per person)

Wednesday afternoon, the Inaugural Blessing of the Cars was put on in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus Carmel Mission Council 4593 and the Carmel Mission Foundation.

For the $25 entrance fee, one received a commemorative wine glass, and four wine tastings along with admission to the Mission Museum.  The proceeds benefited the Carmel Knights of Columbus and other local nonprofits.

The sun (third day in a row) was actually blinding off the 35 classic cars and three motorcycles in the mission courtyard, as the Navy Color Guard presented the colors.

Fr. Fredy Calvcario blessed the vehicles and the Sisters of the Carmelite Monastery offered a Motorist’s Prayer and Blessing to Saint Christopher (from their cloister).

“Grant me, O Lord, a steady hand and watchful eye.  That no one shall be hurt as I pass by.  You gave life, I pray no act of mine may take away or mar that gift of thine.”

Ventana and Manzoni offered wine tastings. 

In this relaxed and intimate setting,
the same site where
Blessed Fr. Junipero Serra placed his cross in 1771,
we strolled the courtyard
taking  in all the cars
(like my favorite The 333) 
and their colors.

A few hours later, with a hand full of coupons for free wine tastings at each of the wineries we contentedly road our bikes back up Rio Road home, with our commemorative wine glasses carefully packed in my basket. 🙂

Next up: Classic Car Week On A Budget 2013 Part II

Vintage Car At the Beach – by Patricia Sadlak – available at Tea Rose Collection 
Photos and Video – L. A. Momboisse – 

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