Big Sur International Marathon 2013

One could not fail to notice
the extra presence of military,
 police and security
  at the intersection
of Rio and Cabrillo Highway
 and the “Marathon Village”
at the Crossroads Sunday.
 It was difficult not to think
about Boston as we stood
at the finish line of the
Big Sur International Marathon. 
 Our hearts and prayers continue to
go out to the three spectators

 and MIT police officer that were killed,
  the 260 plus who were injured,
and all the first responders, runners,
and friends and family of the runners
who will forever be affected
by this senseless tragedy. 

Yet the strength of our human spirit was made clear;

 photo BigSurMarathonAFacebookE_zpsd16d2ea9.jpg

by the crowd as they ecstatically cheered
on each runner (or walker) crossing the finished line,
 by the 400 or so runners who were
part of the “Boston 2 Big Sur”
contingency in their dark-blue bib,
some clearly showing emotion as they finished the race for those who were not able to or would not ever be able to –
by the sheer joy of participants who
eagerly posed for pictures
with their 2013 Big Sur Medal,

  to the general friendly, peaceful and
trustful camaraderie of the crowd.
(Yes redundant, but so true) 

  photo BigSurMarathonAFacebookI_zps94245ad9.jpg
We arrived just as Adam Roach of Pacific Grove, last years winner, crossed this finish line at  2:26:47.   A half an hour later at 2:50:02 we watched Nuta Olaru of Boulder, Colorado also last year’s winner, cross first for the women. 

A huge thank you to all the volunteers, (military, medical, police, fire, civilian, also the entertainment along the marathon, Taiko Drummers,
Michael Martinez on the grand piano,
               photo test_2_zpsd778ba6c.jpg

dancers, strawberry ladies, the larger than life mile markers created by John Cerney, and the Big Sur Marathon organization

Apparently  the clock is ticking and we have 300+ days to get in shape for next year – I suppose this means we need to start training…………PAX

A Tribute to the Human Spirit
which is a Gift from God

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